PCB Assembly

Acceding to customers' growing request for expanded support services, Speedy's management has incorporated Linetech's PCB assembly line into our business. With this new addition, we now provide quick turnaround solution for both bare board and PCB Assembly. Thus, the lead time for an engineering design project before us is greatly reduced.

So, how does this help your project? Firstly, you don't have to waste time looking for an assembler, or make time transferring your finished boards to another assembly facility. Moreover, you get to choose whether to consign all electronic components and parts (except those common types) to us, which is the preferred way, or let us secure them for you in advance.

A comprehensive PCB/A fabricating approach: This speaks a lot about our commitment to providing fast and total solutions. Send us your Gerber files and BOM for an immediate quote or for an engineering sample or small batch production today.

PCBA Facility

  • Complete CAM work stations
    • X/Y table-COMEB AOS-610 x 2
  • High-speed SMT machine
    • Fuji CP643E x 2
  • Multipurpose SMT machine
    • Fuji QP242E x 1
  • Solder paste printing machine
    • DEK265 (automatic) x 1
    • MPM ACCUFLEX (semi-automatic) x 2
  • Solder reflow chambers
    • Coceptronic HVN-155 x 1
    • Heller-1707exl x 1
    • Heller-1808exl x 1
  • PCB depanelizer
    • Y-S168S1SI x 1
  • Inspection and test
    • Malcom reflow checker RC-9 x 1
    • Solderstar reflow checker x 1
    • Microscope x 7
    • AOI 22 *CL x 2
  • Wave soldering oven (tinning furnace 3.5 M, leadless) x 2
  • Thru hole production line 6M x 2
  • Touch-up and repair x 2
  • Packaging
    • 3M x 1
  • Tester
    • Checksum x 3
    • ICT (De Ri) x 1
    • Oscillograph x 3
    • X-ray


fiber_manual_record PCB type

Single/double-sided boards, multilayer boards, flexible boards, rigid-flex, ceramic substrates, microwave substrates, metal substrates.

fiber_manual_record Component specs limitations

BGA (smallest pitch): 0.30 mm; smallest passive: 01005; connector: 7.8 cm (max.)

fiber_manual_record Component type

DIP, QFNs (PLCC), LGAs, CSP (one kind of BGA)

fiber_manual_record SMT machine accuracy

High-speed (+/-0.07 mm)
Multipurpose (+/-0.04 mm)

Manufacturing Process

Rigid Flexible PCB

Fuji & Samsung SMT Line 1

  • MPM Printer CP643 x 1
  • Samsung CP45 x 2
  • QP242 x 1
  • Heller 1707 x 1
High Frequency 5G Material

Fuji SMT Line 2

  • MPM Printer x 1
  • CP643 x 1
  • QP242 x 1
  • Heller 1707 x 1
Rigid Flex PCB manufacturing

Fuji SMT Line 3

  • ?Dek 265 Printer x 1
  • Sunsong CP45FU x 1
  • Sunsong CP45NEO x 1
High Frequency 5G Material ROGERS RO4350

Fuji SMT Line 3

  • ?Dek 265 Printer x 1
  • Samsung CP45FV x 1
  • Samsung CP45NEO x 1
Quick Turn PCB, High Frequency material LCP Metal Core PCB

Samsung CP45 NEO

Semiconductor Testing Boards Heavy Copper PCB


HDI PCB Design PCB Sample Prototype

SMT Repair Station

Flex and Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer Panasonic Megtron 6

DIP Assembly Line 1

Rigid Flexible PCB

DIP Assembly Line 1

Heavy Copper PCB

DIP Assembly Line 2

PCB Sample Prototype

Final Test Station

Panasonic Megtron 6

Repair Station


PCB Router

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