Core Strengths

There are several hundred companies worldwide providing PCB prototyping services, but not as many really have the production capability needed to meet the challenges of the times. We at Speedy Circuits always tell our customers only what we have and what we can do to meet their PCB prototype demands, be it for rigid, flexible, rigid-flex, hybrid, or HDI boards:

  1. A 400-strong workforce operating 3 shifts, round the clock, to fulfill every PCB project entrusted to us by our customers.
  2. Our front-end and CAM operations manned with more than 60 sophisticatedly dedicated engineers , always standing by to tackle any DFMs(Design For Manufacture) or board specs queries.
  3. With all PCB processing stations in-house on tap to ensure every PCB prototyping step is carried out according to specifications, quickly and efficiently.
  4. 24/7 production schedule to meet any PCB prototype project on tight deadlines.
  5. 1-5 day turnaround lead time, which is faster than the average lead times most PCB service companies can achieve. It implies the shortest turnaround time for any layer count PCB design and the HDI (1+N+1) is also included.

On top of this, we guarantee the following:

  1. Swift response to every RFQ: Get real-time online quote for 1-6 layer PCBs, or a response within 24 hours for RFQs sent by email to or fax at 886-3-455-9570.
  2. Fast solutions to technical queries: Our engineers will review your PCB design package and get back to you without any delay. Evaluation of a PCB design package can be completed and responded in as short as twelve (12) hours.
  3. A variety of high-performance (imported) laminates are available sitting in warehouse: Always ready to accommodate urgent or custom PCB orders requiring copper, aluminum, high temperature (e.g., Arlon, Nelco, GETEK and Isola) or high frequency (e.g.,Panasonic Megtron 6&7, Rogers and Taconic) flex, rigid flex, or other types of high performance PCB laminates. Most PCB service providers would require customers to allot three weeks for such laminates. With Speedy, customers don't have to wait to waste even for a single day.
  4. Tech support & sharing: We provide reliable solutions to any design problem or related question from the customer. Our engineering team will do their best and provide solutions within 24 hours.

We promise only what we can deliver, no outrageous marketing claims, no hidden agenda.

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