Company Milestones


Established Speedy Circuits as a "quickturn" PCB prototyping services firm.


UL registered Sucessfully.


Sequential build-up with blind/buried via technology applied on PCBs.


In March, our company was awarded ISO9001(2000 version) NSF-ISR certificate.


In July,we moved into a new two-story building and increased our workforce to 250 from 100 staff member.


Successfully built up Metal core and flexible and Rigid-flex PCBs.


We began to provide PCB assembly services to our customers.


Renewed ISO9001: 2008 NSF-ISR Certificate.


Successfully fabricated stacked vias in PCBs, 4+N+4.


The newest Orbotech InCAM systems came into the picture to enhance our CAM capability for HDI design and IC packaging.


Employed Direct Laser Drill to make it possible to decrease the manufacturing cycle time by 3 hours and simultaneously achieving any-layer interstitial via hole (ALIVH) in HDI fabrication.


LPKF MicroLine 6000P UV laser cutting machine for Flex / Rigid Flex fabrication in coverlay and board outlines with its tolerance +/-0.8 mil Mass Vertical Vacuum Chamber Plugging VCP 5000-1 machine for vias filled with epoxy-resin (VIP design) and V-scoring machine VMS-700CA with CCD camera


PerFix200 Automated Optical Rework (AOR) system also came into the picture.It enables top quality rework of most advanced PCB designs including any-layer,HDI and complex multilayer board,It can also form the trace width down to 30um(=1.1811 mils)directly by Laser engraving as needed.


Coin embedded technology(U-,T- and I- coin) for thermal dissipation on 5G communication network devices.


speedy Circuits was certified with AS9100D quality management system that is a widely adopted and standardized for the Aviation and national defense industry


The CAM tools were upgraded from Orbotech InCAM to Orbotech InCAM Pro ready for the emerging technologies and trends- 5G,substrate-like circuits,Rigid-Flex and Flex as well as Industry 4.0. Automatic flex and rigid-flex board panelization with any angle rotation and PCB alignment for strip creation.


The new building is under construction.The land area is 6,600 sq.M and the building areas is schemed for 20,000 sq.M.


In Jan.Moved into a new building where the manufacturing site area is 20,000 sq.meter and installed a number of the advanced facilities like automated plating lines,LDI for imaging ,DI for LPSM, hot press for mass lamination and Mitsubishi the 6th generation laser drilling machine. Speedy Circuits proudly announces to enter into a new era.

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