PCB Fabrication Process

Each PCB project reaching our board fabrication plant is unique and therefore distinct from one another. As such, we approach every single project that passes through our in-house process with the same utmost attention to detail, be it a simple 2-layer or a highly complex HDI PCB designed for use in aerospace, defense, telecommunications, medical technology, electronics, or other high-tech industries.

With every step of the process done in-house at our new facility in Chungli Industrial Park and handled by our contingent of well experienced engineers, customers are ensured of swiftest response, best processing techniques and solutions, quickest turnaround times, highest quality results and most reliable service they can get for their single piece or small batch PCB/IC substrate orders.

Typical Multilayer Process Flow Chart

  1. Material Shearing
  2. arrow_right_alt
  3. Inner Layer Imaging
  4. arrow_right_alt
  5. Inner Layer Etching
  6. arrow_right_alt
  7. Inner Layer Inspection
  8. arrow_right_alt
  9. Oxidation
  10. arrow_right_alt
  11. Layer
  12. arrow_right_alt
  13. Lamination
  14. arrow_right_alt
  15. Drilling
  16. arrow_right_alt
  17. Panel Plating
  18. arrow_right_alt
  19. Outer Layer Imaging
  20. arrow_right_alt
  21. Pattern Plating
  22. arrow_right_alt
  23. Outer Layer Etching
  24. arrow_right_alt
  25. Solder Mask Coating
  26. arrow_right_alt
  27. Surface Treatment
  28. arrow_right_alt
  29. Legend Printing
  30. arrow_right_alt
  31. Routing
  32. arrow_right_alt
  33. Electrical Testing
  34. arrow_right_alt
  35. Final Visual Inspection
  36. arrow_right_alt
  37. Dimensional Checking
  38. arrow_right_alt
  39. Shipping

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