Our Story

Company features「We own and operate quality management system that is certified to the International Quality system AS9100 Rev.D 2018 and ISO9001 2015 and UL-registered PCB manufacturer with all fabricating service facilities under one roof in Taiwan that fulfills the requirements of technology companies worldwide for quick-turn prototypes PCB fabrication and High-Mix Low-Volume orders of conventional or complex (e.g. HDI built on Rigid-Flex) PC boards.」

Founded in 1996, our company initially served as a source for PCB prototyping among different domestic electronics companies. Not long after, a number of leading international technology firms, Broadcom , Microsoft,Intel,Boeing,Meta,Kingston...etc. have also turned to us for their prototyping requirements. Over the years, we've committed ourselves providing quality and reliable PCB engineering, satisfying every prototype design for a variety of single-sided, double-sided, high layer count multilayer, or hybrid type of board FR4-Teflon that also including Flexible, and Rigid-Flex PCB with HDI design.

Today, we're one of the most sought-after manufacturers for quick-turn PCBs, having been consistently included in the approved vendors list of some of the big names in the fields of Aviation, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Military and other high-tech sectors. By upgrading our facility and investing in more advanced processing systems, as of today Orbotech LDI, AOI, InCAM Pro and MACHVISION AOIM, Screen DI, Mitsubishi the 6th generation UV Laser drilling machine...etc. We’d moved from the earlier a 2-story building house 7,000 sq.meter into a new 4-story building house 20,000 sq.meter beginning of the year 2023 to expand our production capacity from 100,000 sq.ft to 250,000 sq.ft monthly and enhances production capability to challenge the limitation of PCB manufacturing line/space 1/1 mil and raised the ante on more complex HDI prototyping, delivering not only more reliable results, but also faster than other fabricating service companies in the PCB industry as well.

How to keep up with relentlessly and rapidly evolving and changing in the area of electronics technology ? It’s a big topic nowadays in the PCB industry. We've stayed the course and remained true to our commitments – offering high-quality PCBs and services and on-time delivery at competitive prices to provide complete satisfaction to all of our clients by keeping improving until it’s perfect. A total quality control concept implanted to the entire staff member by doing the right thing Right, First time,Never procrastinating. We're ready to take on future challenges with more advanced PCB manufacturing solutions.

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