Description Production Advanced
Structure 3+n+3 (9+N+9 MAX) 10+N+10
Layer Count 2~42L 50L
Min. Board thickness 0.005" (+/-10%) 0.005" (+/-10%)
Max. Board thickness 0.250" (+/-10%) 0.280" (+/-8%)
BGA Pitch 8mils (0.2mm) 6mils (0.15mm)
Min.BGA pad/space 7mils/3mils 5mils/2mils

Materials for build up

Description Production Advanced
Prepreg (FR4 1067/1086/2113) Yes Yes
Prepreg (ceramics Ro4350) Yes Yes
Laser Drillable Prepreg Yes Yes
laser Drillable core (FR4, PI, PTFE, ceramics) Yes Yes
laser Drillable Min.Dielectric thickness 1.5mils 1.2mils
laser Drillable Max.Dielectric thickness 5mils 6mils

Laser via

Description Production Advanced
Min / Max 2.5mils / 6mils 2mils / 8mils
Min via edge to via dege space 5mils 4mils
True position Tolerance +/-1mils +/-1mils


Description Production Advanced
Min. Drilled blind via diameter (as drilled) 6mils 4mils
Min via edge to via dege space (as drilled) 8mils 6mils

PTH Design

Description Production Advanced
Blind via aspect ratio (dielectric thickness/ Laser drill hole size) 0.8 1
Blind via plating thickness 0.3~1mils 0.3~1mils
Capture pad A/R 2mils 1.5mils
Laser via Fill Material Epoxy resin/Copper paste Epoxy resin/Copper paste
Blind via aspect ratio (as drilled) (dielectric thickness/ drilling hole size) 0.5 0.5
Blind via plating thickness (as drilled) 0.8mils 1.0mils
Capture pad A/R (as drilled) 3mils 2mils

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