In-house Facility

We had moved into a new 4-story building house 20,000 sq.meter in the beginning of the year 2023 to expand our production capacity from the previous manufacturing site a 2-story building house 7,000 sq.meter. We know full well the importance of staying current in the rapidly changing world of technology. That's why Speedy Management has decided to continue to invest in the cutting-edge technologies of the production equipments like our most recent acquisitions, which encompass a series of state-of-the-art laser direct imaging machines for the exposure processes of the image transfer and solder mask that has enabled us to achieve more, like performing reliable and repeatable 2/2 mils with the limitation of solder mask clearance of 0.001” that has now become a trend in HDI PCBs and IC packaging designs. Speedy also has standardized our CAM operations by developing the scripts for HDI PCB CAM works enabling us to keep up with the demands of the times for more sophisticated prototyping inspection, imaging and verification solutions.

We currently ship 100 around different types of PCBs day, ranging from a simple single-sided rigid board to a high layer count complex HDI Rigid-Flex boards. Our production schedules, operating round the clock 24/7 to make the most of our production capacity.Our warehouse has stored all kinds of different types laminates available ranging from FR4 to microwave/RF PTFE to meet customers' unique material requirements do not waste time for awaiting the lead time of raw materials.

By considering the long-term value creation rather than the short-term gain in making investment decisions, we've established within the shortest period of time an AS9100D-ISO9001-certified and UL-registered manufacturing facility that houses a complete range of CAM works systems and a variety of vital manufacturing equipments, such as AOI, AOR, LDI,DI,Ink jet and engineering, for processing highly complex PCB prototypes and High-Mix Low-volume production.

Our In-House facilities are divided into three major portions;Engineering, PCB Fabrication and QA system.Those are listed as below and the pictures for some of the major equipments:


Front-end engineering planning:
fiber_manual_record EZ plan
CAM tooling for PCB Fab:
fiber_manual_record InCAM pro
fiber_manual_record ParCAM
fiber_manual_record Laser Plotter (PR2000)


Drilling processes:
fiber_manual_record Mechanic & Laser drilling machine
fiber_manual_record Laser direct Image (LDI)
fiber_manual_record Acidic etching
fiber_manual_record Automated Optical Inspection with a repair and verification for copper features and Laser drill holes
fiber_manual_record Lay-up
fiber_manual_record Hydraulic hot and cooling press
fiber_manual_record Automated plating lines for Chemical deposit and panel
fiber_manual_record Automated pattern plating line & SES
fiber_manual_record Via-filled copper plating line
Solder mask:
fiber_manual_record Semi-Automatic screen printing machine
fiber_manual_record Direct Image exposure machine (DI)
fiber_manual_record Vertical Vacuum Chamber Plugging
Silkscreen and markings:
fiber_manual_record Screen printing
fiber_manual_record Ink jet
Routing and V-scoring:
fiber_manual_record NC routing
fiber_manual_record UV Laser Cutting Machine
fiber_manual_record V-scoring with a CCD alignment

QA System

fiber_manual_record Flying probe test
fiber_manual_record X-ray Fischerscope
fiber_manual_record TDR measurement tester-Polar and Agilent
fiber_manual_record CMI and microsection
fiber_manual_record Chemical lab

A Look at Some of Our Major In-house Facilities

ROGERS RT6002 Data Sheet
CAM Tools-InCAM Pro
Low Loss High Speed PCB Materials
Paragon-Xpress LDI
Panasonic Megtron 6 PCB Megtron 7 Megtron 8 PCB
Acid Cupric Chloride Etching Line
ROGERS RT6002 Data Sheet Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
Laser direct lmage-LDI
ROGERS RT6002 Data Sheet Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
AOR-PerFix 200
ROGERS RT6002 Data Sheet Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
ROGERS RT5880 Data Sheet HDI Blind and Buried Microvias
Mass Lamination
Panasonic Megtron 6 PCB Megtron 7 Megtron 8 PCB High Frequency Low Loss PCB Material
X-ray Target Drilling
TU883 PCB Material Low Loss High Speed PCB Materials
Laser Drilling
Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer ROGERS RO3003 RO3010 RO4350 RO4850 PCB Manufacturer
Mechanical Drilling
PCB Sample Prototype Rigid-Flex with HDI PCB Manufacturer
Plasma Desmear
Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
Automated plating lines for Chemical deposit and panel
Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
Copper Reduction
Quick Turn PCB Manufacturer
Via-filled copper plating line
High Frequency Low Loss PCB Material
High Frequency Low Loss PCB Material
SES Line
HDI Blind and Buried Microvias
Vertical Vacuum Chamber Plugging
PCB Sample Prototype
V-scoring with CCD Alignment
Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer
Solder mask-DI Screen
Flex & Rigid-Flex PCB Manufacturer
Solder mask printing machine
TU883 PCB Material
Pumice line
TU883 PCB Material
Screen printing
TU883 PCB Material
Low Loss High Speed PCB Materials
LPKF UV Laser Cutting Machine
Low Loss High Speed PCB Materials
Legend Laser
Low Loss High Speed PCB Materials
NC routing
Panasonic Megtron 6 PCB Megtron 7 Megtron 8 PCB
Flying Probe Tester
ROGERS RT5880 Data Sheet
ROGERS RT5880 Data Sheet
Chemical lab
ROGERS RT5880 Data Sheet
CMI and microsection
ROGERS RT5880 Data Sheet
TDR Measurement Tester - Agilent

More than Machines

Assigned throughout our integrated facility, our 400-strong workforce, including over 60 experienced engineers keeps each stage of our 36 board processing stations, including IPC-A-600 Class II and III, up and running all day long, dedicating their time and efforts to our customers with exacting requirements expected from them.

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