Inner Layer

Description Production Advanced
Min.Trace/Space 1.5mils / 1.5mils 1.2mils / 1.5mils
Min. Copper Thickness 1/3oz 1/7 oz
Max. Copper Thickness 10oz 12oz
Min. Core Thickness 1.5mils 1.2mils
Line/ pad to drill hole 5mils 3mils
Line/ pad to board edge 8mils 6mils
Line Tolerance +/-10% +/-8%

Board Dimensions

Description Production Advanced
Max. Finish Board Size 19”X26” 20”X28”
min. Finish Board Size 0.2"x0.2" 0.15"*0.15"
Max. Board Thickness 0.260"(+/-10%) 0.280"(+/-8%)
Min. Board Thickness 0.007"(+/-10%) 0.005"(+/-10%)


Description Production Advanced
Layer Count 50L 60L
Layer to Layer Registration +/-4mils +/-2mils


Description Production Advanced
Min. Drill Size 6mils 5mils
Min. Hole to Hole Pitch 16mils(0.4mm) 14mils(0.35mm)
True position Tolerance +/-3mils +/-2mils
Slot Diameter Tolerance +/-3mils +/-2mils
Min gap from PTH to track inner layers 5mils 3mils
Min. PTH edge to PTH edge space 8mils 6mils


Description Production Advanced
Max. Aspect Ratio 30:1 35:1
Cu Thickness in Through hole 0.8-1.5 mils 2 oz
Plated hole size tolerance +/-2mils +/-1.5mils
NPTH hole tolerance +/-2mils +/-1mils
Min. Via in pad Fill hole size 6mils 4mils
Via in pad Fill Material Epoxy resin/Copper paste Epoxy resin/Copper paste

Outer Layer

Description Production Advanced
Min. Trace/Space 2mils / 2mils 1.5mils / 1.5mils
Min. pad over drill size 6mils 4mils
Max. Copper thickness 12 oz 18 oz
Line/ pad to board edge 8mils 6mils
Line Tolerance +/-15% +/-8%

Metal Finish

Description Production Advanced
HASL 50-1000u” 50-1000u”
HASL+Selective Hard gold Yes Yes
OSP 8-20u” 8-20u”
Selective ENIG+OSP Yes Yes
ENIG(Nickel/Gold) 80-200u”/2-9 u” 250u”/ 10u”
Immersion Silver 6-18u” 6-18u”
Hard Gold for Tab 10-80u” 10-80u”
Immersion Tin 30u”min. 30u” min.
ENEPIG (Ni/Pd/Au) 125u"/4u"/1u” min. 150u"/8u"/2u” min.
Soft Gold (Nickel/ Gold) 200u”/ 20u”min. 200u”/ 20u”

Solder Mask

Description Production Advanced
S/M Thickness 0.4mils min. 2mils max.
Solder dam width 4mils 3mils
S/M registration tolerance +/-1.5mils +/-1mils
S/M over line 3.5mils 2mils / 2mils


Description Production Advanced
Min. Space to SMD pad 6mils 4mils
Min. Stroke Width 6mils 5mils
Min. Space to Copper pad 6mils 4mils
Standard Color White or Yellow N/A

Electrical Testing

Description Production Advanced
Max. Test Points 30000 Points 30000 Points
Smallest SMT Pitch 16mils(0.4mm) 12mils(0.3mm)
Smallest BGA Pitch 10mils(0.25mm) 6mils(0.15mm)

NC Rout

Description Production Advanced
Min. Rout to copper space 8mils 4mils
Rout tolerance +/-4mils +/-3mils

Scoring (V-cut)

Description Production Advanced
Conductor to center line 15mils 15mils
X&Y Position Tolerance +/-4mils +/-3mils
Score Anger 30o/45o 30o/45o
Score Web 10mils min. 8mils min.


Description Production Advanced
bevel anger 20-71o 20-71o
Bevel Dimensional Tolerance +/-10mils +/-10mils

Impedance controll

Description Production Advanced
Impedance controll +/-5% +/-5%

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