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  • File number#E199875 Rigid-Flex with HDI PCB Manufacturer
  • File number#E484516 HDI Blind and Buried Microvias


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Layer count Fastest turnaround time
(no. of working days)
Order size
2-6 2 up to 2000
8-12 3 up to 1500
14-18 4 up to 1000
20-above 5 up to 500

100% HDI-SBU In-house Process

  • 1.The copper surfaces are brown oxied.

  • 2.the laser drill holes created with the method of Direct Laser Drill.

  • 3.The conformal laser drill holes shapes are microsectioned and inspected with microscope (CY-930A).

  • 4.The Brown oxide (0.35-0.45 mil thick) are removed from the copper surfaces.

  • 5.The hydrocrabon residues on captures pads are removed by Plasma desmear.

  • 6.The surfaces of captures pads are examined by LaserVia AOIM(MACHVSION).

  • 7.Chemical desmear Alkaline permanganate cycle and panel plating are succeeded by Plasma Desmear.

  • 8.The laser drill holes at sequential build-up are plated shut by copper plating like 4+N+4 or (ALIVH).

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